Sam Brown (Georgia), James Crowley ( Grapevine Texas), __?___, Far Right: Harry O'Connor

Choping wood for fire in 'fatiges'


Sherman Tank

(Mark 4, Twin Ford V8 engines)

Note: Later in the war while working on a Sherman Tank Harry was wounded.

The tank was hit by a round (probably from a Tiger Tank) showering him with shrapnel fragments. He lost is ear drum, and damaged his teeth, side and jaw. He was attempting to repair the tank's bogey wheel when the round struck.




Harry Left, Seth More Right


Convoy Chelteman(sp?) England to Portsmouth. There to board LSTs for invasion.

Seth Left Harry Right


Guard Duty

Seth Left Harry Right

Note: See the bright white helmets, boots and gloves. (General F. Lee order) Not good cover!

When General Patton arrived and saw this he had the orders for the white guard outfits removed!






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