Training at Ft. Warren, Cheyenne Wyoming

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September 1941

Harry G. O'Connor September 1941

( note the movie playing )

Hike up Pole Mt. Sept 20, 1941


On Top of Pole Mt.

Kenny, Frisinger, Johnson, Hamblin, Oakley

Return trip and a break!

Notes: For this hike 9 ambulances were brought along. They hiked up the mountain, pitched army pub tents and returned the next night. Apparently the local porcupine population took a liking to the warm pub tents and sleeping bags, giving quite a surprise to some in the morning!

No description, September 1941

( He calls this the Self Admireration Socity Member picture )

School At Ft. Warren

G.M.C. Instructor Ft. Warren

Front of School #4

Co. C Barracks, Taken from #244 Roof

Inside School

Co. C 68th Q.M. BN. (L.M)

Camped in Louisiana, On Maneuvers

Can you see the Motorcycle on the left?

A visitor, Piet Jan Baarda wrote to me and told me that the cycle can be identified as an Indian from the sidecar. Thanks!






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