Here are some of the bikes I have owned and sold or traded away:



Honda 1979 CB750K Custom.

Too much power and weight for me!

My beloved CL125 Mystery Bike is now in the hands of my friends Lisa and Kevin:

My 1966 Bridgestone 90cc enduro.

I hope to restore her someday.

From Left to Right:

1979 Honda CB750K -Sold- ( too much weight, to hard to stop, not maneuverable )

1967 Honda CL125? -Donated- to a good home: Lisa and Kevin Moore

1982 Suzuki GS450L -On perminate loan- To Laura's best friend, for riding and training.

1982 BMW R65 -Still owned and lovingly operated. Hopefully for a very long time to come.



Missing and without any representation are:

Kriedler 50cc Moped

Motobecane 50cc Moped

Harley Davidson 90cc AMF

Honda CB350s and CB450s of various years




Here are the remains of photographs taken about 1981

I desperately wanted a Harley Davidson Sportster but as a senior in high school there was no way I could hope to afford one. So I bought a Honda CB350 and choppered it out!