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1. 3rd party plastic rear view mirrors. Large style bars were removed for replacement with euro style.

2. Speedo non-functional. Tach, bouncy. Odometer OK.

3. Headlight, Lens, Spacers, Bulb, Bulb assembly and Rubber ring removed for faring.

4. Paint on front fender cracked, faded.

5. Engine guards oxidized. Exaust nuts tattered, threads on cylinder head almost completely stripped.

6. Scrapes on Valve Cover, 1 serious.

7. (other side ) Plug threads also stripped but not as bad.

8. Hard bags in good condition, but not my style.

9. Here the dual bucket seat has been replaced and I am finding that my new shortframe seat fits!

10. Rack ( also came with sissy bar ) was removed. Good condition, but not my style.