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Some of the unique features after removing the fairing and bags.


( The new seat is being tried on here. )

1. Rear wiring modified for hard bag lights.

2. Battery bad, some cables and fittings bad. Drive shaft boot hose clamp wrong, leaking.

3. Switches rewired for fairing and not working properly without it.

4. Extra switch and hole drilled into bucket. Entire ignition switch assembly gone and replaced with toggle.

5. Front turn signals gone, wires gone, fork rubbers dry rotted.

6. Valve cover nut missing, replaced with other nut.

7. Spark plug hole stripped, current plug held in with teflon plumber's tape.

8. Battery covers in good condition, but held on with rotting rubber bands, needed repainting.

9. Unique muffler set.

10. Non-BMW shocks 'modified' to fit by welding spacers on. This damaged the swingarm.

11. Entire rear end gave out 2nd week, splines were worn and stripped. I was rescued by BMW Tristate off of the highway during rush hour. They replaced the bike's rear end for a reasonable price and gave me some good advice on how to have the swingarm repaired from the shock damage.