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Some Pictures of Indian Motorcycles from Mid-Ohio Vintage Days '99



Here is a good restoration project for someone!


This is an Enfield Chief I believe.


Some lucky person is taking this chief home to restore!


This fully restored Chief was given away for the AMA drawing.


This is the only four I saw the whole weekend. She was not for sale.


I had to do a double-take when I passed this in the parking lot. An Indian Engine in some kind of Japanise frame. Nice Job. I wonder what she is like to drive?


Here is the other 'modernized' Indian. This one is much more stock. This time they are at the bike show and I think they took some awards home.

Here is an old Indian looking for a restorer. Perhaps military?



More Indians looking for good homes.


This is really cool. An Indian Scooter! Waiting on a buyer and restoration.


This one is going home. I wonder if this one was racing or just a racer that got sold. If it was on the track I think it would be unlikely to be showing up in the swapmeet.