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Here are the three simple steps to donating a file:


1. Save the file as an email attachment and send to

2. Make sure you have listed your name, handle or anonymous in the email text

3. Please include a description of the route you are sending.

( pros, cons, date and general information are helpful) You don't have to fill out all of the information below but what you can do ill be helpfull.



Discription: A route from Cincinnati, Ohio to the college town of Oxford. Very scenic and much less traffic then RT27.

Format: File is a Garmin GPS Route.

 Name: Scenic to Oxford, OH


Midwest / SW Ohio

 Start / Finish  NW Cincinnati, Ohio  Oxford, Ohio
 Scenic Rating ( 1 -10)

 Urban / Rural ( 1 - 10 )

 Length (mi)

 Travel Time

 2 hours
 Cafe' Route ( 1 - 10 )

 Contour ( 1 - 10 )

 Twisties ( 1 -10 )

 Submitted by:

 Laura O'Connor

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Thanks! ( we would be lost with out you! )


-Tim O'Connor, Webmaster