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Here is a great E-Mail sent to me by Daniel Decesar!

on motorcycles and apartments
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 17:47:35 -0800
From: (Daniel Decesar)

Well I certainly thought that restoring my bike in a studio apartment
made me unique but it appears the madness has spread...I have a few
additions for your guide that will hopefully spare the foolhardy from
my headaches. First and foremost, find out if your building manager is
kosher with the prospect. If you suspect in the very least that he/she
would frown on such an endeavor, then RECONSIDER! This can land you in
the doghouse, literally. If you have their blessing or manage to sneak
the bike in anyway then here are some useful things I learned the hard

1) The window ledge may look like a great spot to dry a part on. It
isn't, and the likelyhood of retrieving it when it falls is inversely
proportional to the floor number you live on.

2)When cleaning a part, never use a newspaper for a dropcloth. Grease
soaks right through to your carpet.

3) If the bike is going to reside in the kitchen, be sure you avoid any
refrigerator door clearance problems, especially if you don't bother
turning on the lights when you fetch that fifth beer.

4) Another problem with kitchens; if you cook alot in a small kitchen,
the grease will settle on your project. Over the course of a month or
two it combines with the dust creating a stubborn crud on your beautiful
powder coated frame.

5) Under no circumstances should friends be allowed to sit on the bike
while in the apartment, even if they volunteered to fetch that fifth

6) If you have a narrow elevator it is sometimes necessary to stand the
bike on end. If this is the case, then prudence dictates removing the
tail light and/or rear fender. You might break or scratch it, but if
your really lucky it will mash your toe into the floor.

7) Don't mount bar-end mirrors if you ever plan on wheeling your new
machine outside.

I wonder how many other fanatics out there would go through this much
trouble for their hobby? Keep riding-Daniel