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Now it's time to start riding while I look for the final parts I am missing!

Riding at last. Though perhaps I should not have been...

When you spend weeks in a hot garage working on a bike, you get a little anxious to take her out for a spin. So I got some temp tags ( the historical plates had not come in yet ) and did some riding. I should not have done this though for two reasons: 1. The threads were still stripped on my left cylinder and 2. Unbeknownst to me, the screws on the tailight fixture needed to be lock-tighted to prevent them from vibrating free. The spark plug did not come out but the tail light did! It scraped up the tail light and the bottom of my new mint rear fender! Ouch!

The picture on the left ( or bottom for smaller screens ) shows the chome side panels I traded my long frame seat for. Bob Beech was a great help in working out a trade with another BMW restorer. After this picture was taken I repainted the black stripes and the engine markings.