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Laura and Tim's Trip to Hocking Hills


Covered bridge somewhere on the way.

Cedar Falls, not falling due to lack of rain that summer...

Laura looking spooky at the falls.

Laura driving under a huge piece of fallen cliff.

Panoramic shot of Conkles Hollow.

The same cliff at Conkles hollow, facing in the opposite direction with Laura.

Laura winding through the Hocking Hills roads on her XS650

The same road, around the bend. The whole county is made up of endless 'S' curves through scenic land.

Here are the bikes, Laura's XS650 and my BMW R65, resting at Old Man's Cave.

The only thing that takes away from the views up here are the Tent Worms that seem to be everywhere.

You have made it to the end of the Trip Pictures! I'll bet you are the only non-family member to make it through these! : )